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Things To Check Before Calling an Electrician
Things To Check Before Calling an Electrician
Dec 29,2023

Things To Check Before Calling an Electrician

Electrical systems are integral for any modern home or business, and electricians are metaphorical lifesavers. The average person can mistake simple issues for big problems though, and they can end up calling in an electrician for no good reason. In this short article brought to you by Mr. Electric, we’ll share some tips on things to check before calling in a certified electrician. If you DO need professional electrical repair service, then consider Mr. Electric, a time-tested and established business with a reputation for delivering long-lasting and reliable results.

Before Picking Up the Phone…

Before reaching out to an electrician, inspect your circuit breaker panel. Tripped breakers are a frequent culprit behind power outages. If you find one in the off position, simply reset it. However, if the breaker continues to trip repeatedly, then it might be indicative of a deeper issue that requires professional attention.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets also act like circuit brearkers. GFCI outlets are crucial for preventing electrical shocks in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Press the "test" and "reset" buttons to ensure they are functioning correctly. If the GFCI is not resetting, it may indicate a wiring issue that requires professional attention.

It’s not just GFCI outlets that you should inspect. In some cases, faulty outlets or switches can cause electrical problems. Ensure that all switches are in the correct position and that outlets are not visibly damaged. If you notice scorch marks or burning smells, suspend use immediately and consult a certified electrician.

Finally, electrical issues sometimes stem from faulty appliances or devices. Unplug all devices from affected circuits and test them one by one. If the problem persists with multiple devices, it's likely a wiring or circuit issue that necessitates professional expertise.

When to Call a Certified Electrician

There are many valid reasons to call in a certified electrician, but we’ll touch on some of the common ones here:

  1. If a breaker repeatedly trips, it could signal an overloaded circuit or a fault in the wiring. A certified electrician in Helotes, TX can assess the situation, upgrade your electrical panel if necessary, and ensure the safe distribution of electricity throughout your home or business.
  2. While occasional flickering due to external factors like storms is normal, persistent flickering may indicate loose wiring, overloaded circuits, or issues with the electrical panel.
  3. Any hint of burning smells or scorch marks around outlets, switches, or appliances is a clear sign of an electrical issue that requires immediate attention. Continuing to use the affected components poses a serious fire hazard!
  4. Outlets or switches that feel hot to the touch indicate a potential wiring problem. This could lead to a fire if left unaddressed. A certified electrician is best equipped to inspect and repair the wiring to prevent further hazards.
  5. If certain areas of your home have lost power, it could be a sign of a localized wiring issue. A certified electrician can trace and rectify the problem, ensuring a safe and reliable power supply.

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