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The Latest Electrical Trends Of 2023
The Latest Electrical Trends Of 2023
Jul 08,2023

The Latest Electrical Trends Of 2023

The electrical system is a dominant and core part of any building, home, or living space. Whether you’re indoors or out, electricity is likely a part of your life. The ever-growing electrical industry is no stranger to innovation, either. In this brief article brought to you by Mr. Electric, we explore some of the latest trends.

Electrical Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) have taken the world by storm, with dozens of manufacturers building EVs of all sizes. Though EVs save you from long lines at the gas station, they still need to be "refilled." While electric charging stations are popping up around cities across the United States, most owners of EVs charge their vehicles at home.

Standard outlets don’t offer much power though. Usually, you’ll have to charge your vehicle overnight for a full battery. This is why many homeowners are installing level 2, upgraded outlets for faster charging. Level 3 chargers are also available, but these are generally restricted to commercial properties. Residential homes are usually not allowed to have level 3 chargers.

Smart Home, Internet of Things

The internet has connected billions of people worldwide, but it hasn’t stopped there. Nowadays, the internet is connecting appliances, devices, and electronics. Through an app on your smartphone, you can control your thermostat, check in on your security system, and even run your washing machine.

Smart home systems are being integrated on new home constructions, but some homeowners are building smart home technology into their existing homes as well. Whether you want to save on energy bills, improve your property security, or experience a peace of mind, implementing smart home technology can provide great value!

Alternative Energy, Solar Panels

Old energy is experiencing some intense pressure as people and even local governments are making moves to reduce reliance on gas, coal, and other fossil fuels. New energy includes solar, wind, and even hydropower.

Even the federal government has offered tax incentives. Renewable energies are better for the environment, but they also come with cost-savings in the long-run. Most common is the installation of solar panels on roofs.

Battery Technology

One of the major drawbacks of solar power is the intermittence. No one likes to have their electricity go out when the sun sets. To no surprise, countless firms are invested in building battery technology to store that energy.

Companies are improving the storage surely, but they are also producing environmentally friendly and user-friendly models. If you are thinking of integrating solar or alternative power, then be sure to consult with an electrician on the battery and storage as well!

Electric Heating

Electricity had for a long time been restricted to lighting. Lately, it’s been used as a power source for electronics, devices, and appliances. Nowadays, electricity is even more common in heating systems. Boilers, gas-powered water heaters are being phased out as electric water heaters and HVAC systems take over.

Electric heating tends to be more efficient, saving on energy costs. It is also safer, as gas lines and propane tanks can pose serious hazards. Further, an electrical repair service tends to be more affordable and quicker.

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