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Can I Shower During a Power Outage?
Can I Shower During a Power Outage?
Aug 24,2023

Can I Shower During a Power Outage?

A power outage can disrupt daily routines and basic activities, leaving individuals scratching their heads about what tasks they can still carry out. One common question is whether it's safe and feasible to take a shower during a power outage. In this article brought to you by Mr. Electric, we'll share our thoughts. If you are experiencing a power outage and need electrical repair service, then call Mr. Electric to hire a uniformed and certified electrician. Our live representatives and dedicated electricians are on standby for your call.

Some Safety Considerations

It's always important to consider safety as a top priority, especially during a power outage. Water coming into contact with the electrical system can disrupt the electrical supply and even cause a power outage. While this is rare, you should be cautious. If you MUST shower during the power outage, then switch off the circuit breakers to play it safe.

The Comfort Factor

The most likely downside of showering during a power outage is the inconvenience and discomfort. Bathrooms generally don’t get natural lighting, and the bulbs won’t work without power. Moreover, many households have switched to electric water heaters, which rely on electricity to heat water. When the power is out, the heating element won't function, resulting in cold water or even a complete lack of running water.

A cold shower in normal circumstances is invigorating, but during a power outage the heating system will likely be off as well, leaving you especially shivering. Cold showers might be particularly challenging for individuals sensitive to temperature changes, such as the elderly, very young children, or those with certain medical conditions.

Some Solutions

Tank-style water heaters are a bit more reliable in that they store some hot water, meaning you’ll have something to work with during a power outage. But if you experience frequent power outages, then we recommend you have your electrical system inspected by a certified electrician. If the area you live is especially vulnerable to power outages, then you can consider a standby generator to keep your building powered through those cuts.

Experiencing Frequent Power Outages?

Are your circuit breakers constantly flipping off? If you are experiencing frequent power outages, then there may be faulty or damaged wiring. It might also be that your electrical panel is not up to meet the electrical demands of your home or business. Overloaded circuits are a common cause of tripping circuit breakers. Overloading can result from plugging too many devices into a single outlet or using high-powered appliances on the same circuit. Spread your devices and appliances to other circuits to lighten the load on the individual circuits.

Hire a Uniformed and Certified Electrician

Electrical issues are nothing to take lightly, and it’s best to leave electrical repair to trusted electricians. If you are looking for a uniformed professional in the area, then call Mr. Electric for premier, reliable service from a reputable company. Our live representatives are on standby to address any questions or concerns, arrange emergency electrical repair, or schedule a convenient appointment.


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