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All You Need to Know About Security Light Installation
All You Need to Know About Security Light Installation
Jul 08,2024

All You Need to Know About Security Light Installation

There are levels, and layers, to an effective security system - and lighting is a crucial aspect of any effective security infrastructure. From motion-sensing lights and flood lights to integrated smart technology, there is a lot you can add to fortify your security apparatus.

In this brief article brought to you by Mr. Electric, we offer an abridged guide to everything you need to know about security lighting installations. If you would like to consult with a certified electrician, then call Mr. Electric and schedule an appointment today.


Floodlights provide broad, intense lighting over large areas. They are ideal for covering extensive outdoor spaces like driveways, backyards, and parking lots. You should position floodlights at high points around your property, such as eaves or poles, to maximize their coverage and effectiveness.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights illuminate walkways and driveways, providing both aesthetic appeal and safety. These lights can be solar-powered or hardwired. Install these along the sides of paths, driveways, and other frequently used outdoor routes to ensure safe passage and improve the overall look of your property.

Motion-Sensing Lights

Motion-sensing lights detect movement within a specified range and automatically turn on. They are excellent for surprising intruders and drawing attention to suspicious activity. These lights should be installed near entrances, pathways, and other high-traffic areas. Proper placement ensures they cover the most vulnerable parts of your property.

Timers and Dusk-to-Dawn Sensors

There are timers and sensors that automate your lighting installation and turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn, or according to a preset schedule. These components ensure your property is always well-lit during vulnerable hours, even when you're not home. This can give potential intruders the impression that someone is home.

Integrated Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems can be controlled remotely via smartphone apps and can be programmed to follow specific schedules or respond to various triggers, such as motion or sound.

Integration with other smart home security devices like cameras and alarms creates a comprehensive security network. Some systems even offer features like dimming, color changes, and energy-saving modes.

Why you should invest in comprehensive lighting security

It is not enough to catch a crime on camera. The goal of an effective security system is to deter the crime in the first place. A well-lit property is less attractive to potential intruders as lighting eliminates hiding spots and increases the risk of being seen and caught. The sudden illumination alone can startle and deter would-be intruders, making them think twice about proceeding.

Lighting is not just about keeping people OUT. Adequate lighting reduces the risk of trips, falls, and other accidents by illuminating pathways, stairs, and other potential hazards. In case of an emergency, well-lit areas help you and first responders navigate your property more easily and efficiently.

Hire a certified electrician today

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Mr. Electric is also at your service when you need emergency electrical repair service. Call us at any time of the day – or night – to get in touch with a live member of our team.


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